Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The irony. Being in Shi'ar space brings back old memories. Many don't know it, but when I first met the X-Men, and joined their ranks, I was simply Lorna Dane; the name Polaris didn't come until many years later; it is from Shi'ar origin. Alex and I were living in Rio Diablo, New Mexico when I was suddenly attacked by Eric the Red.

He was a Shi'ar agent sent to Earth by the mad emperor D'Ken. He washed my brain, gave me a new costume and named me Polaris, Mistress of Magnetism. Under his mental control I attacked my loved Alex, my dear friend Jean, and battled Storm.

I had recently discovered I could use my powers in ways I never thought possible, and while under the influence of Eric the Red I used them to lash out at the X-Men.

Thankfully, Storm was able to stop me. I can still remember the pain her lightning bolts produced, but at the same time on the inside, I was relieved that she defeated me; otherwise I would have killed her. After that, Eric the Red took Havok and I with him, and even though his influence over us eventually wore off; the physical and emotional damage we caused...

I wonder what prompted Eric to give me the name Polaris... what is the story behind it? I think of Jean and her possession by the Phoenix... I hope it never comes to that.

For more on the first appearance of Lorna as Polaris, her fateful encounter with Eric the Red, the debut of her Shi'ar costume, and her battle with Storm, check out Uncanny X-Men #97

Saturday, December 27, 2008

And so it begins...

Shi'ar space

Two days ago, in an uninhabited little planet we buried Christopher Summers, A.K.A. Corsair, leader of the Starjammers; he was my father in law. He was killed by Gabriel Summers A.K.A. Vulcan, his youngest son, a maniac and former X-Man who has taken over the Shi'ar empire.

After a bloody battle against Vulcan, his new wife Deathbird, and the entire Shi'ar Imperial Guard, we realized we were left behind by our fellow X-Men who had to flee back to Earth in order to save Professor Xavier's life. Now it's just Havok, Marvel Girl, and I, Polaris.

We have decided to stay and help Lilandra Neramani recover the throne. We have become the resistance against Vulcan and Deathbird's tyrannic rule. Along with Raza, Ch'od, and Korvus, we are the new Starjammers, and our goal is to return the Shi'ar crown to its rightful owner.

I know it's the right thing to do. We are needed here, and as X-Men, it is our duty and our responsibility to bring Vulcan down. But as we send our farewell message to Earth, I can't help feeling that we are heading down a path of destruction; and once again like many times before, I see the darkness involving me; soon I will be lost... inevitably and hopelessly lost!