Sunday, January 4, 2009


Today was our first mission as the new Starjammers. After weeks of planning, we finally got to kick some feathered Shi'ar behind. It feels great to let go an use these new powers at large. I was able to project a huge electromagnetic field around the warbirds that guard the supply line to the fourth Shi'ar fleet.
I don't know what Apocalypse did to me, but he was able to replace my lost powers with something very similar to them, only wilder; thankfully I have learned to manipulate them through intense training sessions with Rachel. Even more important, my mind has completely broken free of his control or anyone else's; this has been the perk of being here in space, I feel myself again.

After seizing the warbirds and forcing their men to join the resistance, we headed to feather's edge in order to cut it off and weaken Vulcan's resources and supplies; but unfortunately he and the Imperial Guard were waiting for us... our cover was blown.

Just when we were going to be blown to pieces by Vulcan's ship, The Hammer, a fleet appeared of nowhere and destroyed it. These attackers call themselves the Scy'ar Tal, "Death to the Shi'ar". I know they just saved our necks, but they still look like bad news!

For more on the team's mission in Feather's Edge, and some interesting moments between Polaris and her fellow Starjammers, check out X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1

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