Friday, January 2, 2009


Their mission has failed. After events that will be one day revealed, the Starjammers failed in their mission to stop Vulcan. The team has been disbanded: Rachel Gray, Korvus, and Lilandra have disappeared; Raza, Ch'od, Havok, and Polaris have been captured by the Shi'ar Imperial Guard.

In order to break his brother's spirit, Vulcan is torturing Havok's fellow Starjammers. For an unspecified amount of time, Raza, Ch'od, and Polaris have been submitted to the most heinous and painful punishments at an undisclosed location of the planet Kr'kn, at the edge of Shi'ar space.

Power dampeners have been used on Polaris, but she keeps shorting them out; and the drugs that have been administered to her are being burnt out by her system. The Shi'ar scientists have never seen mutant powers like hers. Even Vulcan is puzzled by the power levels Lorna is displaying.

The mad emperor will continue torturing the Mistress of Magnetism in order to make his brother bow to him, while trying to find what is making her so powerful.
What is happening to Polaris?

For more on Polaris' torture at the hands of Vulcan and the Shi'ar, the whereabouts of Rachel Gray, and the beginning of "War of Kings", check out the new series X-Men: Kingbreaker #1

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