Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Polaris & Friends

This beautiful piece of art is from back when the X-Men were at the top of their game, when there was nothing better than being an X-Men fan, because they were "it" and they were all over the place.  This was my first Wizard magazine ever, and I bought it because I had seen the solicitation with Rogue and Psylocke on the cover... but what a surprise when I realized it was a foldout cover and I saw her!  I was in heaven!  Polaris sharing star bill with the rest of the X-Women... where she deserves to be!

Psylocke, Rogue, Jean Grey, Polaris, Storm

Wizard Magazine #34 - June 1994
"The x-men's better half"
Art by Jim Balent

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  1. This poster is telling in showing how prominent Polaris used to be. She will always be one of the main x-ladies in the x-universe thanks to her being created and established in a era when only a few existed while a bunch of others were kids and will forever be cemented as kids no matter how much time goes by. I love this poster and I hope she rises to the point where she's a mainstay again.