Monday, June 6, 2011

Age of Apocalypse's Polaris

During the Age of Apocalypse, Polaris was kept in the Highlord's breeding pens. Lorna had witnessed Cyclops helping two prisoners escape from these pens. However, her fragile mind perceived Cyclops as Magneto instead. When later questioned by Havok about this event, Polaris told him that it was Magneto that helped the prisoners escape. Havok didn’t believe her and sent her to the Beast to be interrogated. Beast simply tortured her into telling him the truth but was stopped by Cyclops. That night, Cyclops, in disguise, helped Lorna escape from the breeding pens. After a fight with Northstar and Aurora, Lorna made it safely underground under the protection of Valerie Cooper.

Factor-X #2 (1995)
"Abandoned Children"
Art by Steve Epting

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