Thursday, June 23, 2011

Lorna meets the Hulk

The Increditble Hulk #150
"Cry Hulk! Cry Havok!"
Art by Herb Trimpe

These events take place circa "X-Men: The Hidden Years".  Lorna Dane, now a member of the X-Men is looking for Alex Summers, who defected the mutant team after a serious altercation with Iceman over Lorna's affections.

During her search, Lorna comes across the Incredible Hulk, who confuses her with his beloved Jarella; this makes the Hulk mad, and you know what happens when Hulk gets mad...

Havok arrives to the scene to save Lorna from the Hulk, and after a brief fight, both mutants return to the X-Men, leaving the Hulk behind to deal with his own problems.

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  1. Damsel in distress Polaris was so annoying. But at least she got to meet the Hulk before Marvel started a policy of only promoting 4 characters in the Marvel universe and limboing everyone else.