Friday, June 3, 2011


God...there are so many of them!  We won't be able to take all of them down.  Please let Rachel make contact with Charles or Emma before it's too late.  Korvus is overwhelmed without the power of the Phoenix in his sword, and Alex looks exhausted.  Come on Rachel... please reach out to them!  We are Starjammers... we are X-Men, and we will NOT go down like this!

Polaris, Havok, and Marvel Girl are back
and X-Men Legacy #250 marks their return!

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  1. Polaris looks weak in this pic. I hate the way her power signature is drawn. I hate her power charge-up stance. I hate how the cape is wasted. I hope this artist has better showings when the issue is released. Obviously Havok seems to get great treatment from most artists with his look and powers. Polaris...not so much.