Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Twelve

The X-Men go to Egypt in search of Wolverine, who has been transformed into the Horseman Death by Apocalypse. Once there, Apocalypse's forces and the Skrulls battle the mutant team, but this is only a ruse to distract them from their true purpose: to capture the fabled Twelve, and Polaris is one of them!

Tricking Polaris into believing that her beloved Alex had returned, the Skrulls are able to separate the Mistress of Magnetism from her teammates.  Cyclops tries to warn Lorna, but she wouldn't listen, and as a result, she and Phoenix get captured and taken to the mutant overlord.  Polaris is later used as one of the magnetic poles to power Apocalypse's reality altering engine.

Uncanny X-Men #377
"The end of the world as we know it"
Art by Tom Raney

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  1. LoL oh Lorna! She's so pretty in that artwork. Tom Raney does good generic magnetic blasts at least. I do prefer when her powers manifest as energy rings, but this is good too. The green lipstick isn't bad at all in this one since her costume is a standard uniform.