Thursday, June 2, 2011


For her it all started when Havok left seeking the help of the X-Men and she stayed behind.  For reasons unknown, Mr. Sinister targeted Polaris and sent his Marauders after her.  Lorna fought the deadly cadre of assassins with bravery.  When it seemed that Polaris had finally defeated Sabretooth, Arclight, and Scalphunter, a psychic entity that had previously fought the X-Men took possession of her body and mind, and so Lorna Dane became something else, something dark and evil; she was full of... Malice!

Sabretooth Classic #13
"Where Duty Lies"
Art by Mark Buckingham
Reprint of Uncanny X-Men #219

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  1. This was the beginning of a bad run for Polaris. She should have easily mopped the floor with those rejects.