Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I landed near Magneto's headquarters.  I had no plan, just fury.  And I... I was greeted as a celebrity.  Magneto must have learned of my investigation and revealed to the genoshans that I truly was his daughter.  They greeted me as a sovereign princess when I arrived... and they were still worshipping me as they died!

It all happened so fast, and there were so many sentinels...

A man who once sold me bread was decapitated right in front of my eyes.  A woman who I'd met at one of Magneto's banquets was ripped in half.  So many killers... so much screaming... so many dying..

I didn't know where to turn... who to help... which sentinel to stop first.  And with the accusations of human judgment screaming in my ears... all I could think was that he was right...


I flew through the wailing mothers and dying children.  Their blood and bones couldn't touch me in my protective, magnetic bubble... but their screams could... I was overwhelmed... and suddenly, I wasn't the X-Man heroine... I was just running... running to get away from the horror of the dying... to find safety for myself.  There had to be somewhere to hide... didn't there?  Some place where I could get away?  Some place where I...I...

...and they wonder why I went crazy?

Uncanny X-Men #431
Written by Chuck Austen
Art by Philip Tan


  1. This is an amazing flashback scene. Chuck Austen really featured Polaris the most of any x-team writer I remember. Philip Tan should have studied Lorna's Dark Seduction Genosha costume closer when drawing this flashback scene. The costume in this scene is closer to her original than it is to the Genosha DS costume.

  2. I agree. Chuck Austen did a great job. But Tan should have looked at it. Still great writing. She is so underused. Stuck in X factor atm.