Friday, June 15, 2012

Things are not looking good

X-FACTOR #243 & 244
By Peter David & Leonard Kirk

 Discovering a long-buried secret from the past, one member of X-Factor will be driven insane.


  1. Oh wow this one looks fantastic! I just discovered your blog. Thanks so much - so glad there's a Polaris blog out their, in the vein of . Great scans & updates!! Polaris rocks.

  2. While most fans always had the impression that Eric the Red wasn't interested in Lorna as such, but was merely using her to keep the Summers brothers off balance in yet another way, Claremont's Uncanny X-Men #239 finally revealed clues that suggest otherwise.

    In this particular issue Mister Sinister refers to Lorna as "the unchanging pole star… that points the way to glory…"

    Now recall that Lorna was named "Polaris" by Eric the Red/ Davan Shakari and there is no way that he didn't name her that without knowing about the destiny to which Sinister refers above.

    Otherwise Claremont would never have written the above line.

    So what is that destiny?

    When Sinister successfully bonds Malice to Lorna he says "Unlike the Marauders, you are now unique" so these two comments would suggest her importance is separate from her relationship to Alex Summers.

    Now recall how Claremont later hinted that the actual Marauders were cloned, including Sabretooth (and possibly even Savage Land Mutate, Vertigo).

    So what was up with Lorna being the only member of the Marauders that wasn't a clone?

    Or is that the final truth, that she was a clone?

    Is this the path Claremont intended and what the Demi-Men plot was all about too?

    Is Mr. Sinister's reference to her being leader of the Marauders, pointing their way to glory and their true destiny his reference to clones supplanting mutants to inherit some power?

    What that power is I'd suggest is that shown in Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 (i.e. that coming from winning the quest for the Crystal of Ultimate Vision).

    So was Sinister the one behind the Demi-Men plot, the Magneto-robot and secretly Mesmero’s true master, and not Davan Shakari or Starr Saxon?

    Now the why needs to be worked out, in addition to what the real reason was behind Sinister having the Marauders massacre the Morlocks…