Friday, August 3, 2012

Breaking Points I

X-Factor #241
"Breaking Points" Day One
Art by Leonard Kirk

They are going to make Lorna crazy again, aren't they?
This sucks!


  1. Even though she was crazy back in the Silvestri days, she at least wasn't written as "Mrs Havok" or "daughter of Magneto". She was given more of a character. She is emotive & mercurial - like Storm in some ways, but written as being more reactive than Storm has been.
    I liked how she was written in the Starjammers era.
    I'm glad to see she's getting used in X factor again instead of just wallpaper while the other characters do things.
    But please, don't let her get crazy AGAIN. Marvel, so much can be done with this character - don't fall back on that. Thanks.

    Great post & thanks for teaser. I'm getting this issue now.

  2. I said Silvestri but I may have that name wrong. Whoever wrote her when she went crazy.