Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All New X-Factor

Polaris' X-Factor has a corporate sponsorship, as company Serval Industries is backing the team and providing them with whatever they might need. It's a superhero team on retainer, if you will, which gives the team a fair amount of autonomy from the rest of the mutant groups populating the X-Universe. Polaris is stepping into a leadership role for "All-New X-Factor," and while it's not the first time she's had to take the helm of a group, recent character developments have left her slightly unbalanced -- specifically her attempt at suicide by cop in "X-Factor" #260 which resulted in her fighting with Quicksilver and landing in jail, where Serval made her an offer to get the band back together, so to speak. 

Peter David said Polaris' fragile mental state might end up being an issue, and will certainly lead readers to question her qualifications: "Well, she's kind of nuts, so that can serve as a problem," he said. "You will find yourself wondering whether she was chosen as the leader because they genuinely believe she's qualified, or because Serval was convinced that her delicate psychological nature would make it easier to control her."

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  1. I love the art style of this one! So glad about the revamp - I wasn't feeling the "new" short-lived costume she'd been given before this, or the writing.
    Here's hoping this will be wonderful!!