Dragon Ball Super: This is what Moro would look like if it had come out in the 90's

 THIS IS WHAT ONE OF THE MOST BROKEN CHARACTERS IN THE HISTORY OF AKIRA TORIYAMA WOULD HAVE LOOKED LIKE IN THE DBZ ERA Anyone who has followed the Dragon Ball Super manga knows that Moro is one of the most broken enemies in the new story of Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro . So much so that now the heroes had to receive a little more help to be able to stand up to him. Now, Moro has become quite a popular villain among longtime fans of the series, especially since he is not an antagonist that depends entirely on his strength, he also has magic and that certainly makes him more versatile and dangerous. With all of this in mind, a user decided that this Dragon Ball character should have a design that follows the ones we saw during the 90s. Yes, it has a certain resemblance to Cell , but this is because we already talked about the definitive form of Moor. The person in charge of making this beautiful Fan Art - or at least publishing it - is the Instagram account is Seven Signs Art . This Inst

Dragon Ball: This is what Goku would look like if he were a human in the real world

 PERHAPS THIS REALISTIC VERSION WILL CONVINCE YOU MORE THAN THE LIVE ACTION ONE Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most popular franchises worldwide, even if you are not a fan of anime you recognize it and you know perfectly who Goku is . So it's no surprise that dedicated fans embark on complex projects with the goal of portraying their favorite character as they imagine. We are going to talk to you about this today, as the artist and character designer at Bulkhead Interactive, Ali Glen , shared part of his creative process, and the final result, in terms of a realistic version of Goku .Beyond the fact that we want to forget the live action of Dragon Ball in 2009, it seems that the best way to make these characters realistic would be through 3D modeling , like the one Glen proposes. GOKU IN THE REAL WORLD In his ArtStation profile he published a gallery with various poses and perspectives of Goku , a warrior on whom he focused and who he tried to completely distance himself fr

Demon Slayer: Create your own anime character on this site

THERE IS AN OFFICIAL PAGE THAT ALLOWS YOU TO CREATE YOUR OWN AVATAR WITHIN THE STORY Kimetsu no Yaiba continues to smash manga sales records in Japan , and although in the rest of the world the success was not so overwhelming, the adventures of Tanjiro and company continue to be talked about.Soon the film Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba The Movie - Mugen Train will be released and with it several dynamics have emerged to celebrate its launch in style. Like the new one-shot that will tell the beginnings of the pillar of the flame, and that will be published in the Weekly Shonen Jump soon. In the same way, Jump recently launched a site that allows you to create your avatar within the world of Kimetsu no Yaiba , whether you decide to become a demon slayer, a simple human, or an intimidating demon. As you can get an idea, it works the same as other avatar pages: you must select step by step the shape of the face, the style of the eyes, the type of eyebrows, the shape of the mouth ... every